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Our staff has been writing filePro applications for more than 30 years. We can provide individualized filePro Training. We are filePro resellers and add our own support to any product we sell.  Let us show you what can be done with this incredible Rapid Development Language. Now with client-side ODBC, we can develop rapid access to the data you currently hold in any ODBC data base.  Let filePro allow your business to use the data you have acquired, the way you want.   Read and write XML files for data exchange applications.  Make sure your database application has the ability provide data for a wide variety of exchange situations.

Medical Office System (MOS®) is our pride and joy. This package will handle all the functions you require for managing your practice billing, scheduling, and filing.  Select the Medical Office System button for a much more complete list of features.  This package has grown with us and is an excellent example of the reliability, capability and ease of use provided with any filePro application.

Some Of Our Services

Custom filePro database development and support.
  • Provide filePro consulting, training, and custom programming for new and existing customers.
  • Provide ODBC connectivity and use filePro as an engine to manage and report ODBC data.
  • If you have an application developed in filePro and are looking for support, we have the skills with 30+years working with filePro.

VSS provides custom programming for a wide variety of industries. Our custom developments include applications in the following areas:

  1. Medical Billing System development and support
  2. Job Costing for a custom glass manufacturer
  3. Work in Progress inventory control and scheduling
  4. Steel Manufacturing production and accounting
  5. A magazine distributor billing, and customer accounting
  6. A Truck Dispatching and full accounting for trucking carriers
  7. Electronic data exchange software for medical insurance, W-2, 1099, zip code data, etc.
  8. Quote and estimation printing a glass manufacturer, roofing, hauling, etc.
  9. Real estate appraisals for a large local bank.
  10. Data tracking for a greyhound race track used to format and print racing forms.
  11. Mass mailing software to print and do phone solicitations.
  12. CASS certification for bar code first class mailings.
  13. Web Design and integration with dynamic web pages and data access to filePro.
  14. Numerous applications that load data from other sources or write filePro data to formats that can be exchanged electronically.
  15. filePro connections to ODBC data servers to read/write/update data in the ODBC database.
  16. Job Costing for Glass Manufactering, Scaffolding, Steel Production, and others.
  17. This list is partial.

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